National Park Service

I was tasked with creating a logo to represent the National Park Service's upcoming centennial. Upon reviewing where the brand currently stood, we decided that The National Park Service's (and all of its family members, including National Park Foundation) entire brand needed an overhaul, to unify the separate branches as one and give it an updated look that will still be relevant for the next century. We came back to them with a proposal of a new branding, and they loved it. It's the first time the NPS logo has been changed since its inception, and it was a great honor to be chosen to design the new brand system. The new brand was announced in March of 2014.

Times Square Takeovers for Find Your Park launch

Primary and Secondary color pallete for National Park Service. A photo was chosen to accompany each palette, to visualize what the colors represent and from where we drew inspiration. All photos are taken by myself from various locations.

Primary and Secondary color pallete for National Park Foundation. Since the NPF encompasses a much larger range of activities and ideas, a wider selection was chosen, for maximum flexibility across all media. All photos are taken by myself from various locations.

Fifth Annual Scavenger Hunt

For five years, a group of miscreants has been marauding about the city attempting to complete a random list of tasks. This was the list for 2015.


"You don't just eat 'em" was chosen to represent how, of all the snackfoods out there, Pringles always seems the most "fun." People build things out of the cans, the lids, and even the chips themselves. This campaign calls out that interactivity and encourages people to have fun with their edibles.

After designing the custom type for the tagline, they decided they wanted an entire family based on those drawings to use for the entire campaign. I developed a full alphabet for each font (one upper and one lower case), as well as numerals and punctuation. Special characters were also developed (accents, etc.)

This was the first, and my favorite, direction when we were developing the campaign.

We decided we wanted a bit more of a human element in the campaign, thus the hands and faces.

Before we landed on the final executions (below), I also did a few naive illustrations that were really fun and could be used in a myriad of ways down the line.


TNT is a channel that needs no introduction; it has been around since I can remember, and hosts some of the most interesting modern shows around, not to mention everyone's guilty pleasure Law and Order. Featured here is a mishmash of projects, ranging from interstitial refreshes to Times Square takeovers.

Social media postings

Mikes - Hard Grandmas in Soft Sweaters

Mike's Hard Lemonade was announcing a new flavor of their beverage: Hard Chocolate Cherry. We did what anyone else did, had octogenarians perform risqué poses while wearing nothing but our custom hand-knitted sweaters and fishnets. The sweaters have a built-in coozie so your hand doesn't get cold while enjoying a dessert-like alcoholic beverage.

The Distillery

The Distillery is a small group within Grey that focuses on bringing in new technology into the world of advertising. They bring in the minds behind companies such as Makerbot and Metaio to give demos of their products and show how other companies have utilized their products in inventive ways. Fred Gerantebee is one of the guys leading the whole operation, and he asked me to give it a little bit of branding.

Interactive iPad page users can navigate upon entering

Sample business card

Foam Comb

This was made for a client that wanted to collaborate with a brewery by developing coasters their clientele could use to easily wipe the foam from their beards. No more bubbles in your stubble, as it says.

Third Annual Scavenger Hunt

Every year a group of friends and I host a scavenger hunt in the city. We split off into groups of 5 or 6 and try to complete as many of the (ridiculous) tasks as we can over the next 10 or so hours. This was the list for 2013.

Matter Strategic Advisors

A couple of fellas by the name Matt came to me to give their strategic advising company some manly branding and a captivating website ( To stick with the theme of their black and white branding, I got some photos of their building in black and white as well.

j.viewz - rivers & homes

This album was nominated for a Grammy in package design in 2011. j.viewz, also known as Jonathan Dagan, is a multi-disciplined producer/musician based out of Brooklyn, and also contributed to the art direction of this package. The music is a mishmash of different synths and instruments, and it's really a great listen. The photography and art are by Jonathan himself, as well as a few other photographers.

Mike's - Dear Deer

One of the Mike's spots features a dear's head mounted on the wall. What's special about this dear is he can talk. So we decided to do a tumblr page where visitors could submit questions to the deer and he would reply back with a video of advice (with our assistance, of course). I completed the Tumblr site's programming in addition to the design and photography.

Mike's - Bear In A Bikini

Yes. We had a bear, dressed as a bikini, take a lucky winner around town. VIP status in some of the top clubs, limo rides, drinks, the works. Just watch the videos, you won't be upset.

The first video released to announce the contest.

After the contestants were chosen, we documented their entire... experience.

People ended up loving the Bear in a Bikini, so we did it again!

Resonance Hall

Grey Advertising has a really great, passionate music department. They wanted to start a monthly session to keep the creatives abreast of current trends in the music industry, but they didn't know what to call it. I was contacted one day to name it and brand it, and this is what I came up with. I also programmed the tumblr site which can be seen live here:

Philosophy of Typography

This is a sixty-page book covering the philosophical & semiotic aspects of typography, with content based on lectures by a SCAD professor & Robert Bringhurst's “The Elements of Typographic Style.” The typesetting and imagery are meant to reflect the golden era of typography which occurred during the Renaissance.

Young Lions - Kaboom

Studies have shown that children who don't have access to outdoor play, especially with other children, end up suffering later in life. Young Lions held a contest for people to design a poster to spread awareness of this issue. This was my idea: a poster (or magazine ad) printed with photoreactive inks, that would display a dismally haunting image when without light, but once it has contact with the sun, the colors fade in and reveal a happy playground environment.

Ally Bank

Ally Bank doesn't exist anywhere other than online. Though most of their advertising takes place online, below is a sampling of many different campaigns which include homepage takeovers, animated banners, print advertising, and TV.

Presto Manifesto

In grad school we were tasked with writing a design manifesto (as a group) and then each of us design and create something to represent the rules we drafted. We had about 48 hours to do it, and this is what I came up with. It's a hand-stained wood board, with silkscreened inks.

NFL - Homegating

NFL wanted to promote their team-branded products that people can buy to host their own tail-gating like feast while supporting their favorite team. The trend of "things organized neatly" seemed incredibly apt for the amount of products they had, so I created these little promotional pieces to show some selected products for each NFL team.


Wildlife photography is a huge passion of mine. My travel plans often revolve around what type of wildlife there is to see. Most of what you'll see here are insects and arachnids (the most fascinating, in my opinion), but there are also some fluffy cute ones thrown in as well.


When capturing landscapes I often try to get the mood of the moment in the photo, rather than simply capturing a landscape. These landscapes were shot in various locations around the world.


Creepy basements. Towering cathedrals. Overgrown cabins. The stuff dreams are made of.


Sometimes people can be interesting. Not nearly as interesting as a half-eaten praying mantis or a full moon on a graveyard, but sometimes a moment is better with that human element.

Steven Acres is a multidisciplinary designer working at Grey New York and freelancing in Brooklyn. His work encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, but his primary focus is on typography & custom lettering, a fresh, humanist aesthetic, & an unhealthy attention to detail. 

Some of his interests: bugs, bikes, ornate things, camping, sparkles, cats & dogs, technology, pretty colors, weird things, drums, piano, words, letterpress, travel, sandwiches, language, mid-century modern, wine, candles, cream soda, colorful shoes, grammar, antiques, videogames, metal, jazz, whisky, and dancing (poorly).
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